Discover the Dark Heart of America's Heartland

In the Dark of the Grove

By Jon Wesley Huff

“Spellbinding, claustrophobic horror that was effective in every way–engaging characters, great scares, and a taut mystery.” — Michael Moreci (The Plot / Barbaric)

The Second Edition of In The Dark of the Grove is out NOW!

The Second Edition of In the Dark of the Grove is here! From Oblivion House. Featuring a brand new cover, interior illustrations, interior design, and some light edits, the new edition is available in Hardcover and as an Ebook.

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Kyle never wanted to come back “home.” Now he may never leave.

Fifteen years after he was kicked out of his house and his parent’s life, down-on-his-luck investigative journalist Kyle Thomas is returning to Essen, Indiana. Kyle—there to sell the family farmhouse after his father’s apparent sucide— wants to get the job done quickly and get out. Until he finds the strange note hidden in his father’s old typewriter.

It leads him to a trail of cover-ups and disappearances dating all the way back to the town’s founding. Connecting with friends old and new, Kyle begins to unravel the mystery. But the established families of the little town will stop at nothing to keep their secrets, and trust is in short supply. All roads lead to the strange, isolated grove of trees outside town, and the unfathomable secret hidden in the dark of the grove.

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Dark Nostalgia

Growing up, I did have some of that small-town childhood people get nostalgic for in stories like Stranger Things. But the truth is, getting the benefits of that depended a lot on who you are. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is for the reader to have fun and get creeped out by the book. But it made for an interesting journey as I was writing it. I love books that peel back the curtain, in a way, on “normal” life. My goal was to really try to evoke that.

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” I sold the book as ‘Stephen King, but gay’ and that’s about the best, quick summary I can think of still. Small town horror with a queer POV.”

Jon Wesley HUFF
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