Why is This Happy Event Making Me So Depressed/Anxious?

It’s been a while since I’ve written a more personal journal entry. I’ve had a lot going on, but the truth is I have had a lot of ideas for new journals. I wanted to write a piece on Midnight Mass. Or Chapelwaite. Or Foundation. Maybe those will happen. I can give you my long-form […]

Introducing Psychochronograph

  You can sign up for the newsletter here: https://jonwesleyhuff.substack.com Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing well, or at least making your way through our strange delta-variant world in as healthy a way as possible. I have some really exciting news. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a newsletter since I started […]

Iris Wildthyme – an illustration for my story

Hey all! I thought it’d be fun to make an illustration to go with my story, “Starstation to Starstation,” from Obverse Books’s latest Iris Wildthyme collection, WILD THYMES ON THE 22. In it, Iris writes in her diary about all the famous people she’s bumped into.  For my story, Iris falls into a temporal rift, […]

I wrote this nearer the beginning of the month, and was saving it up for Halloween. So here you go. Hope it’s been a spooky one.

To Sleep Perchance To Be Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea

This has all happened a little too quickly. It has also taken forever. In February my doctor recommended I see a sleep doctor. But, this was mostly on a hunch, as I’d not given him any information to suggest this was necessary. It was based mostly on the fact that my throat seemed a bit […]

James Gunn’s Writing Advice…

Yep. This really is the best advice any writer can give. I’m still working on it (kind of got off my 2,000 words/day schedule, but still getting a decent amount done.) But in the end, it’s the bare-bones truth. I also think Stephen King’s advice on not making excuses was good, too. If you want […]