Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed… Uh…. March through May?

Well. It’s been a bit. I’ve been posting about other things, most notably my Sarah Jane Smith comic and  The Wolf Prince & The Toymaker’s Boy. But, you know, life has gone onward and I’ve not been terribly motivated to write about it. Or about much of anything, really. I’ve been writing bits and pieces, […]

Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed – Jan/Feb

Well hello everyone! It’s been a bit. I decided to just combine January and February into one post. Not for a lack of things I was enjoying, but more out of general malaise/lack of motivation to post. I am going to try to avoid that. It’s one of the reasons I’ve tried to work in […]

Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed – December 2020

It’s time for another installment. I keep trying to think of a sexier title than that, but it has the advantage of really telling you on the tin what’s inside. This is a slightly odd month. A lot of year end lists are taking shape. I did my music list. But doing any other lists […]