Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed – Jan/Feb

Well hello everyone! It’s been a bit. I decided to just combine January and February into one post. Not for a lack of things I was enjoying, but more out of general malaise/lack of motivation to post. I am going to try to avoid that. It’s one of the reasons I’ve tried to work in […]

The Last Jedi Thoughts (Spoilers)

So, I saw the movie for a second time this morning. It’s interesting, unburdened by expectation, how a movie can change for you upon a second viewing. I liked it even more the second time, although some flaws were definitely more apparent the second go. So, just my top 5 favorite things and Top 5 […]

Star Wars Weathering

Tried my hand at weathering for the first time! Took the 12″ scale Titan Assault Walker and added a black was and weathering to repurpose as a vehicle for the 6″ Star Wars Black figures. It’s meant to be more of a desert duty walker with this weathering.

Comics That Got Me Back Into Comics

A while back I talked about getting back into comics after an extended 3-4 year gap. I thought I’d share the comics that brought me back. And, some of the ones that are sitting in my to-read pile RIGHT now.  First up, the non-licensed books that rekindled my love for comics: I’m especially surprised/pleased by […]

Working My Way Back To Comics

Golden Age My first exposure to comics was through mini-comics included with toys. Masters of the Universe looms large, here. But I also distinctly remember a tiny Spider-man comic where he faced off with Scorpion. I’m not entirely sure where that one came from, to be honest. In any case, I fell in love with […]