The Future is Never a Promise

There’s a moment in the premiere episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds that made me tear up. One of the great things about Star Trek are the speeches. Whether it’s Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer, Saru, Burnham—you get the idea—it’s built into the show that people are going to make IMPORTANT POINTS at times. […]

Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed – December 2020

It’s time for another installment. I keep trying to think of a sexier title than that, but it has the advantage of really telling you on the tin what’s inside. This is a slightly odd month. A lot of year end lists are taking shape. I did my music list. But doing any other lists […]

Star Trek 25th Century Costume Designs

When I was a kid I used to design my own Star Trek series all the time. Since CBS seems dead set against moving the story past the 24th century, I thought it’d be fun to try my own hand at designing 25th Century costumes.

Star Trek Thoughts

This actually started out as a reply to a thread on Facebook, but I thought I’d record it here. Maybe some day I’ll expand it. But it’s a little recap of my past love of Star Trek. It’s mostly just rambling, but I liked recording it here. I got into Trek via TNG. I was […]

TBT – found what’s left of my childhood set of Galoob’s Star Trek: TNG figures! They were well loved. Got them my 8th birthday.

Weirdest Star Trek Episode Opening Ever?

I dearly love Star Trek: The Next Generation. I started watching it with the very first season in 1987. The same year, incidentally, as I started watching Doctor Who. I was eight years old. And they both warped molded my brain forever. In wonderful ways, mostly. I’ve been re-watching the TNG episodes on the uniformly […]