Star Trek Thoughts

This actually started out as a reply to a thread on Facebook, but I thought I’d record it here. Maybe some day I’ll expand it. But it’s a little recap of my past love of Star Trek. It’s mostly just rambling, but I liked recording it here. I got into Trek via TNG. I was […]

Star Trek: TNG Galoob Articles

For anyone who grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation like I did, and fondly remember the short-lived Galoob toyline, you MUST read the 3-part article on TrekCore about the line, the protos that never made it to production, and the end of the line. So much fascinating stuff. Part 1 Part 2 Part […]

Weirdest Star Trek Episode Opening Ever?

I dearly love Star Trek: The Next Generation. I started watching it with the very first season in 1987. The same year, incidentally, as I started watching Doctor Who. I was eight years old. And they both warped molded my brain forever. In wonderful ways, mostly. I’ve been re-watching the TNG episodes on the uniformly […]