Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed – December 2020

It’s time for another installment. I keep trying to think of a sexier title than that, but it has the advantage of really telling you on the tin what’s inside. This is a slightly odd month. A lot of year end lists are taking shape. I did my music list. But doing any other lists […]

“Project Daedalus”

I haven’t done any Star Trek Discovery art in quite a while. Project Daedalus has haunted me since it aired. This was a chance to illustrate some of my favorite characters (including Nhan!) as well as do a Barry Windsor Smith Machine Man 2020 homage. 

A What for Who?

I haven’t drawn any Discovery art for a while. So I did this. It’s… basically a joke you either will get or not get at all. 😀

Captain Pike

‪Been a while since I’ve been able to do a Discovery fan art piece. It was easy to pick Anson Mount as he’s playing one of my favorite TOS characters!

Out of the Past

“Out of the Past” (Episodes 13-15)- The 5th of a series of illustrations celebrating the first season of Star Trek Discovery. I had a lot of ideas for this one, but since most of the first season was really the story of this crew coming together, doing a piece that celebrated the crew seemed more […]

For Her

“For Her” The third (and final, for now) illustration covering three episodes per picture. This covers episodes 7-9. 

Burnham’s Journey

“Burnham’s Journey” This might be a part of an ongoing series, doing a pic for three episodes at a time. Until then, it’s just a fun excuse to draw some (so far) little drawn characters

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