The Genius of Death Stranding

What the game is, in my eyes, is the video game equivalent of an indie auteur film. A deeply personal, heartfelt, and thoughtful piece of art that should be regarded as a classic in storytelling, whatever the genre.

The Man in the High Castle Season 1

Well, I’ve been awfully neglectful of my blog as of late. Lots of boring reasons. But, I’m going to try to not neglect it so much. I recently binge-watched Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle. This is one of those things I’ve been meaning to watch forever (I was really excited when the pilot […]

Supergirl – Season 1 Winter Finale “Hostile Takeover”

It’s been a bit since I’ve talked about Supergirl. But it’s a great time to check in on the show, which (spoilers) I’ve been enjoying to pieces, still. For a more in-depth look at the show (with actual spoilers) keep reading… What is perhaps the most remarkable about the winter finale of Supergirl is that […]

Defiance Season Three, Thoughts Continued…

More thoughts on the current season of Defiance. Spoilery thoughts follow… 3×7 The Beauty of Our Weapons This was an pretty decent episode. I really liked Nolan’s speech, but I was sad that Berlin was apparently really into Ian Ziering, of all people. When I see him now, all I can think of is Sharknado. […]

Orphan Black S3E1 Review

  “The Weight of This Combination” Wow, can it already be season 3? It feels like only yesterday I was seeing the vague, intriguing promos for the new series on BBC America during the Doctor Who commercial breaks. But, here we are! The opening scene… fantastic. It was so much fun, getting a peak into […]