Comics I’ve Read – Vertigo Edition – 12/13/15

So, this time i’m focusing on the recent spate of titles from DC’s Vertigo imprint. As always, these are spoiler-free capsule reviews! As always, you can see all my past capsule reviews here: #newcomics. Just as a preface, this recent burst of titles has been interesting. It feels like Vertigo wants to reclaim some of […]

Comics I’ve Read – All New, All Different Marvel!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’ve gotten really far behind on my comics reading, and have the stack to prove it, sadly. I’ve been catching up, but not leaving a lot of time for micro-reviews. I thought, with the launch of new (all new) and different (some not so different) […]

New Comics I’ve Read – 7/26/15

This time I’ve got spoiler-free capsule reviews of The Spirit, Prez, Archie and Lando!  The Spirit #1 – This series from Dynamite celebrates the 75th anniversary of Will Eisner’s classic character. My own history with The Spirit is pretty spotty. I’ve read stories here and there and have almost always enjoyed them, I just haven’t […]

Comics I’ve Read – 7/19/15

So, I’m keeping this mostly to new issue #1s again because I’m reading far too many comics in general these days to keep up with this. However, I’ll probably put in a non-#1 issue of particular import now and again. This time it’s four books from four different publishers! Lots of excellent stuff. Providence #1 […]

Comics I’ve Read 6/25/15

  Little spoiler-free capsule reviews of comics I’ve tried out! Starfire #1 – I was intrigued by this new series. I’ve always liked the general visual of Starfire without knowing much about the character herself. The art is gorgeous, but some of the dialogue felt a little awkward and the humor didn’t always land with […]

Comics I’ve Read 6/23/15

It’s finally a non-Secret Wars edition! As always, these are non-spoilery. Material #1 – This is definitely a “thinker.” There are times when the comic book threatens to feel more like a term paper (footnotes included) with some scratchily drawn pictures to accompany it. This can be both a good and bad thing. Like Kot’s other […]

Comics I’ve Read – Yet More Secret Wars – 6/17/15

  So many Secret Wars! All the Secret Wars! Secret Wars upon Secret Wars! But, the stack is getting smaller. And in the next post I’ll be giving my spoiler-free thoughts on some non Secret Wars books. I HAVE been reading a few here and there, I am just waiting to put them in their […]

Comics I’ve Read, Yet Another Secret Wars Edition – 6/10/15

  Still working my way through my Secret Wars stack! So many! Ack! As usual, nothing too spoilery here. And you can read more of my little capsule thoughts here. Secret Wars #3 – Man, issue 3 already! The main story continues to be excellent, with more of “our” heroes entering the fray. There are some […]

Comics I’ve Read – Secret Wars Edition 6/9/15

  I’ve been a bit behind on my comics reading as I’ve been binge-reading the entire Synder/Capullo run of Batman. But, today I got back to the pile of comics that’s been building. This one is dedicated solely to catching up on all the Secret Wars books. I’ve been getting, which is about 90% of […]

New Comics I’ve Read – Secret Wars Edition 5/21/15

So, adjusting this, a bit. Rather than just be about new #1s I’ve read (I mean, that well has to run dry eventually) I thought I’d expand to be about newly released comics I’ve read in general. Though, having said that. This Secret Wars-only edition is full of #1s! So, that’s confusing. I’ll do another […]

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