My Favorite Things (2022): Movies

Well, this took a while to get to! To be honest, I spent most of January catching up on a few key movies from 2022 that I at least wanted to see before making this list. Overall, 2022 was a fantastic year at the movies. I know that the domination of superhero movies bums some […]

My Top 5 movies of The Year So Far

It’s been a pretty great year of movies already! And there are plenty of movies I want to see but haven’t gotten to yet. And, of course, the second half will bring plenty more. BUT, of the movies I HAVE seen so far this year, here were the ones I’d consider the best so far. […]

Favorite Movies, Each Year I’ve Been Alive…

Except 2017. Too early to call, of course. But Logan and Get Out are early contenders for sure. I took this very seriously in that they are my FAVORITE movies. Those movies I gut-level enjoy the most, not necessarily the ones I think are the best in any given year…  1979: Alien 1980: The Empire […]