Comics I’ve Read 6/23/15

It’s finally a non-Secret Wars edition! As always, these are non-spoilery. Material #1 – This is definitely a “thinker.” There are times when the comic book threatens to feel more like a term paper (footnotes included) with some scratchily drawn pictures to accompany it. This can be both a good and bad thing. Like Kot’s other […]

New Comics I Have Tried, 5/19/15

Here are the new comics I tried out this week. God Hates Astronauts #1 – I have been intrigued by this title for a while, and since its creator, Ryan Browne, was in Artist’s Alley at C2E2, I figured I’d give it a go. I talked with Browne a bit. He was insanely nice, and […]

New Comics I Have Tried, 5/11/15

  What is this? Why it’s the latest in my ongoing little blogs about new comics I have tried! You can find the rest here. Per usual, these little reviews aren’t too spoilerific, other than what you’d find in the basic plot synopsis. The Tithe #1 – One of my friends, who I bumped into […]

Comics I Tried Out This Week 4/17/15

The Fade Out #1 – It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with Brubaker/Phillips, right? I found the first issue of this latest book in the team’s long run of titles together to be thoroughly intriguing noir set in the sordid world of old-time Hollywood. I haven’t read the end of Fatale, yet, as I’m […]