Eon Quest – Uplink Redesign

The latest of my more modern take on my Eon Quest characters. And certainly the most drastic. Of all the characters, Uplink was perhaps the most rooted in the 80s aesthetic of Eon Quest when it was imagined as an homage to toys of that era. So bringing him up to date required a lot […]

Eon Quest – Lady Lune Redesign

Here’s another more “modern” take on another Eon Quest character of mine – Lady Lune. Since she’s from a planet where she’s a warrior queen, I didn’t want to lose too much of her more fantasy look.

Eon Quest – Starbreaker Redesign

When I designed my characters for my proposed toy line Eon Quest, the idea was to make it look like an 80s toy line. Plus, parts reuse played a big factor in the way the line was set up. But I’ve been thinking a lot how I might interpret the characters in a more modern […]

Eon Quest Graphic Novel – Kickstarter Update

  Hello everyone— Really astonished and excited by how well the first 24 hours of the Eon Quest Graphic Novel Kickstarter went. We crossed the $1,000 mark, meaning we’re ¼ of our way to goal! It’s slowed down a bit since then, but we’ve still got quite a few days left. Please just keep on […]

Eon Quest Graphic Novel – The spirit of action figure mini-comics from the 80s is reborn with a modern twist in a new graphic novel. – http://kck.st/1bLoC9m So, I made a comic book! It’s inspired by mini-comics and action figure lines from the 80s like Masters of the Universe. It’s called Eon Quest. It’s all […]

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