In Celebration: Doctor Who Action Figures

I’ve been collecting Doctor Who action figures from Character Options since their first releases. I didn’t get the very first items they produced. Posed, limited articulation figures of the 9th Doctor and Rose were included with Daleks as accessories, basically, at the launch of the series. But once the full series of figures with more […]

Fan Art: Deep Space Nine & Doctor Who

I had stopped creating fan art with very much regularity a while back. Why? Well, it’s time consuming. It’s fun, mind you, but time-consuming and for the most part I feel like I should put that time into creating my own stuff. Writing alone takes so much of my free time, so adding art in […]

Doctor Who: What the Flux??!?!

Doctor Who: Flux, the third (and final complete) series for Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor and Chris Chibnall’s reign as show runner, is a compact representation of the 13th Doctor’s era. Some great ideas, some fine character beats, some awkwardly forced relationships, and some messy and loud storytelling. Was it enjoyable? For the most part, yes. Would […]

Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter out now!

I posted about it on social, and now here’s the official journal post about it! Signed in triplicate! I’m very excited to announce this book is now published and looks amazing. Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter is a charity book from Pencil Tip Publishing, featuring stories throughout Sarah Jane’s adventures! It also features a ton […]

The 13th Doctor

It’s been a while since I have attempted to draw Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor. I don’t know if she’s actually leaving after her third series, but I thought now was as good a time as any to give it another go. I’ve had my issues with the the current run. But none of those were with […]

A Long Scarf and a Big Blue Box

I don’t remember why I was up so late. It’s possible that I’d just gotten used to staying up late to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was eight, and TNG came on at the IMPOSSIBLY late time of 10:30, after the local news. I believe it was on Fridays, although I could be […]

Ruth Doctor

  I’ve been wanting to draw the Ruth/Doctor for ages but wanted to wait a long while to avoid spoiling anyone.

To Sleep Perchance To Be Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea

This has all happened a little too quickly. It has also taken forever. In February my doctor recommended I see a sleep doctor. But, this was mostly on a hunch, as I’d not given him any information to suggest this was necessary. It was based mostly on the fact that my throat seemed a bit […]

This made me laugh. It seems appropriately silly.   Photoshop courtesy Philip Lawrence /Action Figure Theatre

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