Comics I’ve Read 6/25/15

  Little spoiler-free capsule reviews of comics I’ve tried out! Starfire #1 – I was intrigued by this new series. I’ve always liked the general visual of Starfire without knowing much about the character herself. The art is gorgeous, but some of the dialogue felt a little awkward and the humor didn’t always land with […]

Comics I’ve Read 6/23/15

It’s finally a non-Secret Wars edition! As always, these are non-spoilery. Material #1 – This is definitely a “thinker.” There are times when the comic book threatens to feel more like a term paper (footnotes included) with some scratchily drawn pictures to accompany it. This can be both a good and bad thing. Like Kot’s other […]

New Comics I Have Tried, 5/11/15

  What is this? Why it’s the latest in my ongoing little blogs about new comics I have tried! You can find the rest here. Per usual, these little reviews aren’t too spoilerific, other than what you’d find in the basic plot synopsis. The Tithe #1 – One of my friends, who I bumped into […]