ELA Page One

I didn’t get too much reading on New Comics Day today…. because I was making comics! First page from my comic book short is inked! The other 10 pages are sketched out. This is really happening!

ELA Concept Art

So… the finished script for my OTHER comic short story ended up being WAY too long. So I’m going with another concept I had, which I should be able to tell in a brisk 7-ish pages, which is much more what I’m looking for. Here’s some of the first concept work from it.

When one door closes… buy an iPad Pro?

Sooooo… I lost my job Thursday. It wasn’t performance related. Just the harsh reality of business and working for others. In the short term, I’m a bit worried. I’ve never actually been let go from any job I’ve ever had. I’ve always been the one doing the leaving! So that’s weird. Also, except for a […]

Comics I’ve Read 6/23/15

It’s finally a non-Secret Wars edition! As always, these are non-spoilery. Material #1 – This is definitely a “thinker.” There are times when the comic book threatens to feel more like a term paper (footnotes included) with some scratchily drawn pictures to accompany it. This can be both a good and bad thing. Like Kot’s other […]

Comics I’ve Read – Yet More Secret Wars – 6/17/15

  So many Secret Wars! All the Secret Wars! Secret Wars upon Secret Wars! But, the stack is getting smaller. And in the next post I’ll be giving my spoiler-free thoughts on some non Secret Wars books. I HAVE been reading a few here and there, I am just waiting to put them in their […]

Comics I’ve Read, Yet Another Secret Wars Edition – 6/10/15

  Still working my way through my Secret Wars stack! So many! Ack! As usual, nothing too spoilery here. And you can read more of my little capsule thoughts here. Secret Wars #3 – Man, issue 3 already! The main story continues to be excellent, with more of “our” heroes entering the fray. There are some […]

Comics I’ve Read – Secret Wars Edition 6/9/15

  I’ve been a bit behind on my comics reading as I’ve been binge-reading the entire Synder/Capullo run of Batman. But, today I got back to the pile of comics that’s been building. This one is dedicated solely to catching up on all the Secret Wars books. I’ve been getting, which is about 90% of […]

The Very First Comics I Remember Reading

I was feeling a bit nostalgic, and thought it’d be fun to look back on the very first comics I remember reading as a kid. I wracked my brain (but memory’s a funny thing) to compile this list. The first time reading them is still pretty vivid, but the exact order is a little fuzzy. […]

New Comics I’ve Read – Secret Wars Edition 5/21/15

So, adjusting this, a bit. Rather than just be about new #1s I’ve read (I mean, that well has to run dry eventually) I thought I’d expand to be about newly released comics I’ve read in general. Though, having said that. This Secret Wars-only edition is full of #1s! So, that’s confusing. I’ll do another […]

New Comics I Have Tried, 5/19/15

Here are the new comics I tried out this week. God Hates Astronauts #1 – I have been intrigued by this title for a while, and since its creator, Ryan Browne, was in Artist’s Alley at C2E2, I figured I’d give it a go. I talked with Browne a bit. He was insanely nice, and […]

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