Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed – November 2020

As I write this, we’re heading into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States. It’s a weird one this year, to be sure. I’ve not seen my family in over a year. It’s been hard. But, as I said in a recent Tweet, I’d rather not see them for a year or even two […]

It Has Arrived

Earlier this month, I got my very first comp copy of a professionally published piece of my fiction! My short story “Starstation to Starstation” to featured in Wild Thymes on the 22. Which can be purchased here.  I have to thank editor Stuart Sheargold for letting me contribute, and for helping make the story better […]

Finally read through the gorgeous and intriguing Penny Dreadful book. Really well done. The artistry on display in the creation of the series is so inspiring. Love this series so much. The attention to detail in its creation is really amazing.