In Celebration: Doctor Who Action Figures

I’ve been collecting Doctor Who action figures from Character Options since their first releases. I didn’t get the very first items they produced. Posed, limited articulation figures of the 9th Doctor and Rose were included with Daleks as accessories, basically, at the launch of the series. But once the full series of figures with more […]

Top 10 Force Awakens Figures We Still Need

So, it’s a year after The Force Awakens arrived in theaters, and there’s a different Star Wars story currently reigning the top of the box office charts. I rewatched The Force Awakens for the first time in quite a while, and it struck me that there are still a lot of action figures we still […]

Masters of the Universe Classics

Masters of the Universe is the best! Because Digital River stinks, I’m getting mine in batches from a fellow collector. I got a batch in over the weekend, and just had a chance to open them up after visiting family. Man, I love this line! What a crazy, varied and wonderful group of characters! I […]

Star Trek: TNG Galoob Articles

For anyone who grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation like I did, and fondly remember the short-lived Galoob toyline, you MUST read the 3-part article on TrekCore about the line, the protos that never made it to production, and the end of the line. So much fascinating stuff. Part 1 Part 2 Part […]

TBT – found what’s left of my childhood set of Galoob’s Star Trek: TNG figures! They were well loved. Got them my 8th birthday.