This is a fan comic I did in January of 2010. It imagines the 8th Doctor’s regeneration into the 9th Doctor, and his use of “The Moment” to end the Time War. Of course, the 50th Anniversary Special made this all out of date. But, hey, it’s still fun right? And it has Romana! And K-9! […]

Some more Doctor Who fan art, circa 2010. This was of the 8th Doctor in his new outfit that Paul McGann put together (with the WETA-designed sonic.) Big FInish would later pick this outfit up for their Dark Eyes series. Some day I need to draw him in his Night of the Doctor garb.

The Four Doctors

A little fan art I did about 5 years ago. It was in celebration of “The Four Doctors” – an audio play from Big Finish. 

An illustration I created for the 50th Anniversary/regeneration of the 11th Doctor. It was the cover of Whotopia, a Canadian Doctor Who fanzine.