At the edge of everything is a house where dreams are kept…

At the edge of everything is a house where dreams are kept…

Our Newest Release

Eon Quest
by Jon Wesley Huff, Eder Messias, and Denis Freitas

An epic comic book adventure begins—a colorful sci-fi superhero homage to 80s and 90s toys and cartoons.

  • Lord Eon has called together heroes from across the Ninth Galaxy to his Cosmic Keep:
    Starbreaker – Legendary Leader
    Uplink – Technopath
    Lady Lune – Shining Queen
    Lila Baron – Mysterious Mercenary
    Alchemris – Transmutating High Priestess
    Boostar – Rocket Warrior

    Lord Eon gifts them a high-tech spacecraft, The Vanguard, so they can search the galaxy for the missing pieces of the Voidkey to keep the evil entity known asNegalith from escaping. That’s easier said than done, however. Not only do they face attack from the deadly Magmoids, but a rival is looking for the pieces of the Voidkey too—the cyborg mercenary Captain Wolfmoon!

    Inspired by the mini-comics that came with action figures in the 80s, all five issues are collected in one graphic novel adventure. Includes 16 pages of behind the scenes pictures and info on the genesis of Eon Quest, the attempted Kickstarter, toy prototypes, and more.

More From Us

In the Dark of the Grove
by Jon Wesley Huff

“Spellbinding, claustrophobic horror that was effective in every way–engaging characters, great scares, and a taut mystery.” — Michael Moreci (The Plot / Barbaric)

Kyle never wanted to come back “home.” Now he may never leave. Fifteen years after he was kicked out of his house and his parent’s life, down-on-his-luck investigative journalist Kyle Thomas is returning to Essen, Indiana. Kyle—there to sell the family farmhouse after his father’s apparent sucide— wants to get the job done quickly and get out. Until he finds the strange note hidden in his father’s old typewriter.

It leads him to a trail of cover-ups and disappearances dating all the way back to the town’s founding. Connecting with friends old and new, Kyle begins to unravel the mystery. But the established families of the little town will stop at nothing to keep their secrets, and trust is in short supply. All roads lead to the strange, isolated grove of trees outside town, and the unfathomable secret hidden in the dark of the grove.

In the Dark of the Grove is available as a hardcover and on Kindle
Image of author Jon Wesley Huff

Sci-fi. Fantasy. Horror. These are the genres that have always excited writer Jon Wesley Huff’s imagination.

Through his personal publishing imprint, Oblivion House, he has at last created a playground where he can share his creations with others quickly and easily. There’s a well of stories—some fully formed, some half-formed, and some just a tiny flashing glimme—he’s excited to share through Oblivion House.

“Suspenseful, humane take on being queer in small town USA”

– Amazon Review

“I was definitely not expecting it to go where it did!”

– Amazon Review

“Everything after the revelation to the end was filled with dread”

– Goodreads Review