Twin Peaks Happy Meal

Hello, I made something silly. My friend Cody mentioned the thought of a Twin Peaks Happy Meal, which sent my brain whirring. This is the result. I love this show so much. I did put the design up on Society6 if someone wants an art print. Mostly, I just think I’m going to print myself […]

A What for Who?

I haven’t drawn any Discovery art for a while. So I did this. It’s… basically a joke you either will get or not get at all. 😀


Had a really great day in Chicago yesterday! Bought comics, toys, and had a great dinner/drinks with some great people. One of the things I got while shopping was this really great old-school Shazam set with Billy Batson and Captain Marvel. It comes with this little diorama where you can switch them back and forth. […]

Just don’t let God sell you the undercoat. (Taken a few weeks ago in Knoxville, TN… because… how could I not?)


I loved this moment so much. I’d so put this on the back of my truck. 😀

Coming to BBC 5 This Fall. He’s a shlubby oaf, and he’s some guy from Earth! #doctorwho #spinoff #ood

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