November 2020

November 2020 It’s unseasonably warm I looked up and I remembered there were still leaves Red and yellow clinging to the trees       This was written as a companion to October 2020

October 2020

October 2020   On the ground, brown and dying Crumpled under our feet I’m reminded of the old words “In the Fall things die so in the Spring they may be reborn.” Maybe reborn. Maybe not.   A carpet of crimson spreads out Under the old roots of a tree I’m reminded of the old […]

Drawtober 2020 Part 1

I’m participating in Drawtober 2020 this year. I always have fun with these drawing challenges. This year, I’m doing multiple entries per theme, and pairing them with a short little poem for fun.

I wrote this nearer the beginning of the month, and was saving it up for Halloween. So here you go. Hope it’s been a spooky one.

A Poem for National Poetry Day

October 4th was National Poetry Day! So, this post is coming a bit late. But to mark the occasion, I attempted to write a poem for the first time since high school, I believe. I mean, I’ve done jokey acrostic poems at parties (this is what my friends and I do at parties… as part […]