Do You Have A Dreamplace?

What is a Dreamplace? A dreamplace is what I call a place that I return to again and again in my dreams. Last night, I dreamt once again of what I’ve come to think of as “The Chateau.” This isn’t the first dreamplace I’ve had. When I was younger, it was a toy store full […]

Where is Home?

Last week I visited my family up in Michigan. It was a beautiful drive up. There was a little rain. Just enough to wet the roads, and the light was diffused and seemed to amplify the autumnal colors of the trees against the gray sky. When anyone asked where I was going on vacation for […]

Content Discontent

The last thing I ever wanted to be is a “content creator.” This is the thought that coursed through my mind as it roiled with questions. What was my Substack for? What is my presence on social media for? Where do I spend my time? And what is a good usage of my time? The […]

Why is This Happy Event Making Me So Depressed/Anxious?

It’s been a while since I’ve written a more personal journal entry. I’ve had a lot going on, but the truth is I have had a lot of ideas for new journals. I wanted to write a piece on Midnight Mass. Or Chapelwaite. Or Foundation. Maybe those will happen. I can give you my long-form […]

The Release Date for In the Dark of the Grove is Here!

It’s a Date! It’s officially official! The release date for In the Dark of the Grove will be October 29th. That means in no time at all you’ll be able to get this slice of small-town (but big-time) horror in your hands, or on your favorite device’s screen. The book will be available as an […]

Escaping Social Media

The thing about the grip social media has on you is that it entraps you slowly. One day you’re visiting your favorite music artist’s websites, exploring esoteric sites built for your favorite movie, discussing topics on message boards, and journaling online. And then, in no time, you’re doomscrolling Twitter. Facebook alerts are bleeping at you. […]

Queers in Queer Space(s)

I went to a gay campground this weekend. And honestly? I can’t think of a better thing to have done for Pride month. Quick note. The image I drew for this is representational. Not meant to be an accurate depiction of me or anything. I mean, I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations. 😀   Liftoff […]

Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed… Uh…. March through May?

Well. It’s been a bit. I’ve been posting about other things, most notably my Sarah Jane Smith comic and  The Wolf Prince & The Toymaker’s Boy. But, you know, life has gone onward and I’ve not been terribly motivated to write about it. Or about much of anything, really. I’ve been writing bits and pieces, […]

A Few Small Repairs

Many are calling on this to be a time of healing in the country. But I think it’s going to be an intense time of personal healing too. A New Dawn, A New Day… For some, yesterday was a new dawn for America. A chance to restore the country’s place in the world and in […]

About THAT Captain America pic…

Yes, I made it. I have to say, it’s gone out into the world in ways I never thought it would. The experience has been amazing and ever so slightly unnerving. But a few thoughts about it, which I originally shared on social and have tweaked/expanded on a bit for this journal. First, in case […]

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