In Honor of the 25th Anniversary of From The Choirgirl Hotel

Four days ago marked the 25th Anniversary of Tori Amos’s brilliant 1998 album, From The Choirgirl Hotel. This was my first Tori Album—the album that made me a fan of hers, starting off with “Raspberry Swirl.” I worked in Kmart’s electronics department in college, and I always had MTV2 on (because that channel actually played […]

Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed – Jan/Feb

Well hello everyone! It’s been a bit. I decided to just combine January and February into one post. Not for a lack of things I was enjoying, but more out of general malaise/lack of motivation to post. I am going to try to avoid that. It’s one of the reasons I’ve tried to work in […]

Things I’ve Greatly Enjoyed – December 2020

It’s time for another installment. I keep trying to think of a sexier title than that, but it has the advantage of really telling you on the tin what’s inside. This is a slightly odd month. A lot of year end lists are taking shape. I did my music list. But doing any other lists […]

The Magic and Gay History of Allerton

The Magic of Allerton Do some places intrinsically have some magic to them? That’s something I was asking myself as I walked the grounds of Allerton Park & Retreat Center for their Winter Walk. Even when not all gussied up in lights for the Winter Walk, I’ve always felt that way about Allerton. I’d gone […]

My Friend Made A Thing – A Glorious Comic Book

Everyone! The other day I got this little gem in the mail, and I want to share it far and wide.  Dishoom #1 by Sam. J. Royale. If you’re into art and/or graphic storytelling I can’t recommend it enough. Sam made some fan art for my Eon Quest character Captain Wolfmoon. (I’ll put it at […]

10 Movies That Influenced

I recently did the “10 movies in 10 days” thing. You posted, without explanation, an iconic scene from a movie that influenced you. Here is a summary of the ones I chose.

My Favorite Albums of 2018

My Top 12 Favorite Albums of 2018.  12. Ectotrophia – Happy Rhodes The only reason this is lower on the list, really, is that it’s a retrospective release of older material. If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Happy Rhodes’ singular voice, I highly recommend this. This represents some of her earlier, more stripped […]

Dreams and Echoes: My Theory on the Finale of Twin Peaks

There will be a million theories buzzing around in the world by now about what, exactly, happened… or what is meant… by the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return. There will be spoilers, and as Sherilyn Fenn said in a recent interview:  “Understanding with David is overrated, don’t try to understand it. There’s no one […]

Loved that he did this. Laura Dern forever!!!

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