C2E2 Stuff

Small but amazing haul today. The artist of Spider-Gwen, Robbi Rodriguez, did this very cool quick-sketch cover. He was incredibly nice. Also bought an awesome print, too. Got some good […]

So many things

Called it a day at C2E2! Great seeing some familiar faces and being overwhelmed by all the things to do. Here’s all the stuff from today! Some good games, an […]

Eon Quest Cover #2

This is the art that mohammadyazid did of Captain Wolfmoon for the upcoming Eon Quest graphic novel that I created and wrote. Really excited to share the full graphic novel […]

Read The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2 and it was worth the wait! What a gloriously creepy take. This issue focuses a lot on Madame Satan, and the trouble she’s […]

New Comics I Tried This Week

  Nonplayer #1 – This came out originally in 2011, and after some struggles, its creator continued with it and issue 2 is coming soon. So, they reprinted #1. The […]

Eon Quest Site Update

Well lookee here! The website for my upcoming graphic novel, Eon Quest has been updated with some brand-spanking-new character bios and more! www.eonquest.com

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