Do You Have A Dreamplace?

What is a Dreamplace? A dreamplace is what I call a place that I return to again and again in my dreams. Last night, I dreamt once again of what I’ve come to think of as “The Chateau.” This isn’t the first dreamplace I’ve had. When I was younger, it was a toy store full […]

My Favorite Things (2022): TV Shows

Okay, what may possibly—maybe—be my last of these. I feel like there’s only so far you can get into 2023 before “Best of” lists for 2022 become a little passé. I was thinking about doing toys, too? But… eh… we’ll see. If the tens of you who read these things really want that, let me […]

My Favorite Things (2022): Movies

Well, this took a while to get to! To be honest, I spent most of January catching up on a few key movies from 2022 that I at least wanted to see before making this list. Overall, 2022 was a fantastic year at the movies. I know that the domination of superhero movies bums some […]

In Celebration: Doctor Who Action Figures

I’ve been collecting Doctor Who action figures from Character Options since their first releases. I didn’t get the very first items they produced. Posed, limited articulation figures of the 9th Doctor and Rose were included with Daleks as accessories, basically, at the launch of the series. But once the full series of figures with more […]

My Favorite Things (2022): Music

Continuing on from my last “Favorite Things” post about Books, this time I’m going to tackle music! I love music. It’s pretty much a constant presence. When I’m working, when I’m playing a game, as I fall asleep. Music is there. It’s one of those things that helps deal with my emotions, or helps me […]

My Favorite Things (2022): Books

I haven’t been great at logging the things I liked the most in a given year. So, I’m hoping to change that. First up, are my top 10 favorite books (in no particular order) that I read in 2022. Caveats: these are my favorites, not some “best of.” They may not all be printed in […]

His Golden Materials

The BBC / HBO television series of His Dark Materials just wrapped to a satisfying conclusion, so I thought I’d take a look back at my own experience with these stories, the adaptations, and the world that Philip Pullman created. Wait, this was a YA thing? I was first introduced to the books that comprise […]

The Genius of Death Stranding

What the game is, in my eyes, is the video game equivalent of an indie auteur film. A deeply personal, heartfelt, and thoughtful piece of art that should be regarded as a classic in storytelling, whatever the genre.

Where is Home?

Last week I visited my family up in Michigan. It was a beautiful drive up. There was a little rain. Just enough to wet the roads, and the light was diffused and seemed to amplify the autumnal colors of the trees against the gray sky. When anyone asked where I was going on vacation for […]

The Future is Never a Promise

There’s a moment in the premiere episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds that made me tear up. One of the great things about Star Trek are the speeches. Whether it’s Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer, Saru, Burnham—you get the idea—it’s built into the show that people are going to make IMPORTANT POINTS at times. […]

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