The Future is Never a Promise

There’s a moment in the premiere episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds that made me tear up. One of the great things about Star Trek are the speeches. Whether […]

Doctor Who: What the Flux??!?!

Doctor Who: Flux, the third (and final complete) series for Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor and Chris Chibnall’s reign as show runner, is a compact representation of the 13th Doctor’s era. Some […]

He-man! Netflix! More!

For those of you not keeping up with Masters of the Universe news, you might be confused as to why I’m talking about a He-man series on Netflix yet again, […]

Escaping Social Media

The thing about the grip social media has on you is that it entraps you slowly. One day you’re visiting your favorite music artist’s websites, exploring esoteric sites built for […]

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Episode 3

“You’re All Wet” Last time, on Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Teela and Andrea liberated a fancy chalice-that-was-actually-a-ram-skull from a borgified Snake Mountain for an old-lady-that-wasn’t-an-old-lady. This time, things get […]

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