Saddo & Lizarro

(UnHeavenly Hosts Development Journal 3) Previously, I introduced the concept of UnHeavenly Hosts, and talked a little bit more about Monstra. This time, it’s time to talk a little (very little, really) about two members of this little crew of weirdos—Saddo the Clown and Lizarro! About Saddo & Lizzaro This is a little tricky. Obviously […]

UnHeavenly Hosts

(UnHeavenly Hosts Development Journal 1) In October, I posted this image to social media, with a proclamation that I’d make this long-gestating idea a reality in SOME form in 2023. And I mean it! I thought it’d be fun to do something a little different, which I haven’t ever done before, which is to do […]

Twin Peaks Happy Meal

Hello, I made something silly. My friend Cody mentioned the thought of a Twin Peaks Happy Meal, which sent my brain whirring. This is the result. I love this show so much. I did put the design up on Society6 if someone wants an art print. Mostly, I just think I’m going to print myself […]

Star Trek 25th Century Costume Designs

When I was a kid I used to design my own Star Trek series all the time. Since CBS seems dead set against moving the story past the 24th century, I thought it’d be fun to try my own hand at designing 25th Century costumes.

I wrote this nearer the beginning of the month, and was saving it up for Halloween. So here you go. Hope it’s been a spooky one.

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