Maestro Ghoullisimo

(UnHeavenly Hosts Development Journal 5) You can see past dev journals for my upcoming book/comic book (tbd) UnHeavenly Hosts here. It’s been a bit since the last UnHeavenly hosts dev journal. I’ve been busy preparing the second edition of In the Dark of the Grove, and finishing up the first draft of my next novel. […]

Fan Art: Deep Space Nine & Doctor Who

I had stopped creating fan art with very much regularity a while back. Why? Well, it’s time consuming. It’s fun, mind you, but time-consuming and for the most part I feel like I should put that time into creating my own stuff. Writing alone takes so much of my free time, so adding art in […]

Lady Scarab

(UnHeavenly Hosts Development Journal 4) You can see past dev journals for my upcoming book/comic book (tbd) UnHeavenly Hosts here. For this installment, we’re looking at Layla Anwar aka Lady Scarab. She’s the trusted bodyguard of Magiko the Mummy Magician… and a whole lot more! About Lady Scarab Here’s the description from the pitch document: […]

Saddo & Lizarro

(UnHeavenly Hosts Development Journal 3) Previously, I introduced the concept of UnHeavenly Hosts, and talked a little bit more about Monstra. This time, it’s time to talk a little (very little, really) about two members of this little crew of weirdos—Saddo the Clown and Lizarro! About Saddo & Lizzaro This is a little tricky. Obviously […]


(UnHeavenly Hosts Development Journal 2) I was excited to release the first round of info for UnHeavenly Hosts as part of the development journal last time, so I took a shot at illustrating Monstra, just seeing how her look feels when it’s moved around. And to experiment with style. Obviously, all this info is in […]

UnHeavenly Hosts

(UnHeavenly Hosts Development Journal 1) In October, I posted this image to social media, with a proclamation that I’d make this long-gestating idea a reality in SOME form in 2023. And I mean it! I thought it’d be fun to do something a little different, which I haven’t ever done before, which is to do […]

Twin Peaks Happy Meal

Hello, I made something silly. My friend Cody mentioned the thought of a Twin Peaks Happy Meal, which sent my brain whirring. This is the result. I love this show so much. I did put the design up on Society6 if someone wants an art print. Mostly, I just think I’m going to print myself […]

Queers in Queer Space(s)

I went to a gay campground this weekend. And honestly? I can’t think of a better thing to have done for Pride month. Quick note. The image I drew for this is representational. Not meant to be an accurate depiction of me or anything. I mean, I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations. 😀   Liftoff […]

Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter out now!

I posted about it on social, and now here’s the official journal post about it! Signed in triplicate! I’m very excited to announce this book is now published and looks amazing. Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter is a charity book from Pencil Tip Publishing, featuring stories throughout Sarah Jane’s adventures! It also features a ton […]

The Wolf Prince & The Toymaker’s Boy & Author’s Notes

 Hello everyone! Today it’s a very cold and windy day. Blustery, as Pooh might say. In fact, I’m quite sure Piglet would be carried off very easily today. Thanks to everyone who was able to check out the premiere of the The Wolf Prince & The Toymaker’s Boy or has watched it since. You can […]

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