Who Was the Idiot That Set This Release Date?

Seriously, why did Book I—The Girl Who Died Backwards—have to come out on February 10 instead of last Friday? No reason, really. It’s all done and edited and uploaded. It has been for some time now. I just have to hit a button and it’s all done. I guess I had this notion in my […]

The trailer is here, and the site is live…

Well, here we go. It’s the start of… oh, what is it the start of? Time will tell, I suppose. It’s partly up to me and partly out of my hands, like everything else. But it’s an exciting day for me. The trailer is now available at the brand-new GraceandWitherbloom.com and you can find it […]

So… late…

I am up insanely late… it’s Sunday morning and my sleep schedule is pretty much shot now, I suppose. But it was totally worth it! I just finished the trailer for the book! So the site might launch in full as early as Monday if I can get the last couple of things wrapped up […]

Book 1 is Locked… and a bit of Art.

Book 1 is “locked.” This is my fancy way of telling myself to quite reading it over and over and move on to other things! So yes, it’s all ready to go. So why not release it tomorrow? Well, I have one more thing to attend to before then. That thing would be the book […]

Ramping Up

Well, this is a strange feeling. The time draws nearer, and I feel a bit like someone throwing a party. I’m filling up the balloons, taping up the streamers, getting the centerpieces ready and checking on the hors d’ oeuvres. All in the hopes that someone will arrive! It’s an interesting moment. I’ve been with […]

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