Jon has been creating things as long as he can remember. His childhood love of drawing, making board games, and creating cardboard playsets for his action figures was followed by a strong interest in becoming a comic book artist. Books were never far away from his heart, however. He’d always been a reader, spending so much time in the library that they had him speak at the rededication when he was a kid. It was videotaped, but thankfully no evidence of this improvised “speech” seems to exist. Like many kids, he got lost in the world of Narnia, and wondered if the next door or closet might take him there. He became a fan of the work of William Sleator—who he’d name as his first favorite author, as well as a diet of Star Trek and Star Wars tie-in books, and many Choose Your Own Adventures.

However, Jon was so focused on becoming an illustrator he didn’t really notice how much he liked creating his own stories as well as reading them. Creating his own comics, writing for the school creative writing journal, and serving as Editor in Chief and writer at his school newspaper led to him being named “Best Writer” by his high school class. This, however, seemed more like an odd anomaly than anything else. Partly because he was surprised that any of his classmates had noticed as he’d transferred schools right before his Junior year. Many years later after giving up on being a comic book penciler (probably a lack of discipline at the time,) and secure in his chosen career as a graphic designer, he decided that the thing he most enjoyed in this world was tellings stories. So he started writing, with some self-published efforts and some writing that is perhaps best left in the drawer.

Now, Jon is lucky to make his living as a writer. Currently, he writes a variety of blogs, ebooks, video scripts, and more as a digital marketer for a green cleaning product manufacturer. His first professionally published work of fiction is the short story “Starstation to Starstation” in the Wild Thymes on the 22 anthology from Obverse books. He’s currently shopping a couple manuscripts to agents and publishers. In addition to writing, he still enjoys illustration as a hobby, and still does the occasional bit of design work. He currently lives in Central Illinois with his partner, Paul.